itta howie - movement artist


Body in Flow – Somatic movement explorations
Based on Movement Ritual, a set of natural and organic movement sequences developed by American dance pioneer Anna Halprin. The primarily floor-based sequences focus on the spine, improving flexibility, strength, inner connection and kinaesthetic awareness. Through individual and pair work we explore components of Movement Ritual. We develop these creatively in dance explorations inspired by Halprin’s Three Levels of Awareness (physical, emotional, imaginal) and my artistic interests. Movement experiences are expressed in drawings. Drawings are seen as dances continuing on paper, they act as reflections and become new resources for movement.

university and college programme

Practical workshops introducing processes for developing site-specific performances, incl. RSVP Cycles, a method for collective creation designed by Laurence and Anna Halprin.

3hrs seminar (lecture and practical outdoor session)
How might performance be understood at the intersection of art and life? The seminar introduces Anna Halprin’s Life/Art Process and Allan Kaprow’s lifelike art. I demonstrate how these aspects influenced my MA research project Mindful Encounters.

artistic mentoring

Guidance for artists who are in the process of developing a performance.